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Lasha Tickits & Permits

Trains from Xi'an to Lhasa leave every morning at 08:48 am .

The hard bed prices listed above are for a bottom bunk . Middle and upper beds will be cheaper .

Ticket booking can be done up 4 days in advance .The permit allows you to enter Lhasa and stay for around 5 days , we can arrange this permit for 

700 RMB per person . If you want to travel outside of Lhasa area . ( EBC mout , Nakqu ,Tsedang , Kailash , Shigatse , the Nyingchi prefecture , overland to Neppal etc ) you will need to have a PSB " Allen "permit.

Normally we need 2 or 3 working days , to process the permit and tickets ( on Saturday and Sunday the Tibet office is closed ) . If you do not have enough time to spend in Xi'an , you can also book the permit in advance . Please contact us for more information .

The main national holiday times in china are :

February 7th  ( 7 - 10 days )

May 1th     ( 7 days )

October     ( 7 days ) 

It is very difficult to obtain sleeper tickets , you must be prepared to pay more service change ( may be hard seat is the only opeion ) ,we especially can not provide any guarantee of tickets ,and in some cases may stop the service altogether . Another possibility is a plane ticket from Xi'an to Lhasa which costs around 1800 rmb , including tax ( from Beijing it is 2560 rmb ,Shanghai it is 2910 rmb , Chengdu it is 1650 rmb ,also including tax ). It is much easier than getting train tickets , so it is definitely recommended for your holiday . It's easier to get the train back into main/and china . We have contacts in Lhasa who can help us arrange the tickets for you .

Sometimes permit will be more difficult to obtain , depending on the government's current regulations, and our also our permit agents .